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“Inviting his readers into their adventure, Foyster often addresses us directly. This, with observations and reflections about our world offered with self-deprecating humour, makes this book an utter treat. Verdict: possibly life-changing.”

Review of Changing Gears in The Courier Mail

Iso is an original story about something that affected the whole world...The voice is confident, biting and funny, all the way through...Most of all I like the way this story just keeps rolling, unfaltering, staring down weakness and defiant to the last word...I find this story masterful and uncompromising. It scores on brio, boldness and ambition, humour, derangement and pathos. It is never judgemental."

Anne Casey-Hardy, judge of the 2023 Peter Carey Short Story Award

“Told with compassion and insight, it was perfectly pitched to meet The Big Issue‘s concern with broader social concerns around homelessness.”

Walkley Foundation judges on feature article 'In Transit' (finalist)

“Greg is a joy to work with – motivated, independent and a natural writer – and I look forward to commissioning more work from him in the future.”

Angus Holland | Opinion Editor, The Age

“The opening essay by Greg Foyster mulls on the macabre ancient Chinese practice of marriage of the dead. It fulfill's the book's objective of being provocative and fascinating."

Review of The Death Mook in The Age

“An amusing scatalogical tale that would have made Jonathan Swift smile.”

Review of short story 'Shitmining' in Tangent Online

“Greg Foyster doesn't just tell stories well, he tells important stories."

David Astle | Novelist, Journalist, TV presenter

““Narrating their journey in a lighthearted way, the reams of information Greg relays are nicely balanced by the eccentric characters the couple meet…an informative text that’s an accessible read – the stories throughout the journey are inspiring, and never overwhelming…”

Review of Changing Gears in Readings Monthly

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